This record and my music wouldn’t be possible without the kind and unwavering help of several good souls.  To them, I owe more than they’ll ever know.

Their entrance into my life reignited a passion and changed the course of what I thought of my songwriting and music.  I’m glad I found them before I fell silent – life’s too short to not believe in yourself.

Thank you (in no particular order) to: Kristen, Eliza, John, Don, Cisco, Susan, Louise, Cliff, Jana, Warren, Amy B, my Houston NSAI peeps, Johnny O! and Arthur Smith.

All inspiring, and all the kindness I seek to be.

A special thank you to my peeps at the 2017 and 2018 Casa de Musica Songwriting Workshops.  You made me feel so welcome my first year, and have been such an encouraging and inspiring group every day.  You’re my tribe!  Thank you for your trust, feedback and creativity. You inspire me to strive for better.  Until 2019!


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