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rhyme family chart

Best Rhyming Method Ever!

Family rhymes, or close rhymes, are one of the best ways to create cool sounding rhymes that make writing your lyrics easier. Why? More options. This simple guide gives you a foundation to use family rhymes to take your songs to the next level!  //LYRICS//

song worksheet self-eval

not sure what’s wrong?

You know a song’s not working, but why?  This quick self-critique sheet will help you focus in on what’s working and what’s not. Answer some simple questions, score the sheet and you’re all set!   //PROCESS//

verb power worksheet

great Verbs can take your song from zero to hero

Use this worksheet to up every song.  After a while you’ll be able to run through your lyrics and upgrade your verbs without a worksheet. And that’s why worksheets are awesome. The work becomes muscle memory over time!  //LYRICS//

songwriter guitar chords & key chart

the chords you can use in a key?

Sure, you could look it up every time, but why? This conversion chart lists the keys, the chords in the key (along with the Nashville Number System numbers), and also doubles as a key conversion chart. Sweet!   //MUSIC//

My Top Resource Picks

rick barker social media free

Social Media strategies for singer- songwriters

This FREE quick training gives you a run down of social media strategies that include Facebook, twitter and Instagram. You’ll also get tips on how to grow your fan base, top things you shouldn’t do, and take aways you can execute on today!   //MARKETING//

plab song demo free lesson

Create Demos From Home with this easy lesson!

Have you always wanted to produce your demos from home, but felt overwhelmed with the tech talk and complexity? Well, Kris Bradley makes it simple with The Songwriter’s Guide to Producing Music the S.I.M.P.L.E Way.  This is a free session, so sign up and check out just how simple it is.   //RECORDING//

5 keys to breakthrough

Get your music heard!

These 5 strategies will help you create a fan base who are engaged and excited about your music, and will spend money to help sustain it. Learn what artists who generate up to $1,200 a month do to get paid for their music!   //MARKETING//

plab voice memo 2 demo paid program

Easiest Home Recording Class Ever!

No techy talk or over-complicated nerd herd language. Just easy step-by-step lessons so you can start tracking immediately. And, you’ll also get low cost recommendations for a high-quality studio set up so your tracks sound great from the beginning. I’ve purchased this course myself and love it!   //RECORDING//