I’ve been asked if my poetry is available online.  And, since most of the journals I was published in were back in the day, I thought it might be convenient to go ahead and put them up on my own site.

My more recent poems, particularly those germinating from the Arroyo Seco NM trips can be found in the VIP area.

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Early Snow At Cooper's Farm
Snow drops from the fanned branches of a pine …
Sheffield Steel
We are sitting in my mother’s kitchen …
Mourning Dove
There is a faint cooing,
then the silence …
Years Between Rivers
I have seen fog like this before;
the first time we sailed …
Hen houses fill the meadow:
each a metal barrel …
Salmon Fishing
She says she has nightmares about the killing …
Fishing At Mill Dam
Olive dark, its deep-inked lines stone slates …
Twenty years ago in Illinois
I lived my life in fields …
Wild Pumpkin
There is a place I have never liked: …


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