First Order of Business – List Your 2020 Accomplishments!

Yes – you have them. Go ahead and make a list of what you took a positive step forward on in 2020. You don’t need to go back to the original goals you wrote to start the year. Give yourself a slap on the back for what you moved forward with despite the pandemic.

Here’s my list:

  • Learned how to produce and edit video
  • Started a YouTube channel for
  • Completed a 1:1 coaching program for music business for my band Amelia Earhart Returns
  • Learned how to live stream using OBS
  • Took 2 songwriting workshops
  • Wrote 15 new songs
  • Became closer with my family

Makes you feel pretty good, right? And, I bet you’re a little surprised at what you did get done. And, not everything has to be a “thing” – it can be something as fulfilling as having spent more time with your family.

Next – Celebrate Your Accomplishments!

I know, it sounds pretty self-evident. But sometimes we spend so much time trying to get to the next thing, that we don’t take a few minutes and enjoy the moment. So, enjoy your moment!

Let’s Work On Setting Goals For 2021

Don’t spend your time trying to recoup what didn’t happen in 2020.

Go ahead and look out to the future, and envision where you want to be by the end of 2021. Write it down. And, if you have vision of your professional life that’s separate from your personal life (I highly recommend it), write down both.

Now, what is a gap for you right now that will help you get there? Write those down.

Pick a few – probably not all – to get started with, and give yourself some actionable items to accomplish and deadlines that will get you closer to achieving them.

I’d also recommend you not try and cover the whole year. Start with the first six months. That way, you’ll give yourself permission to add, delete or revise without feeling pressure or guilt.

Look – there are plenty of other people who will judge you. Don’t do it to yourself. Give yourself every chance to feel good about what you are getting done.

Final Step – Keep Your Goals Handy & Remind Yourself

I’m not saying review your goals every day and keep a task list that you drive against. If you’re wired that way, then sure. But if you’re not, that’s OK too.

Your goal setting and activity should match your personality. So if your style is to not have a daily list, that’s fine. Just keep your goals someplace where you can give them a quick glance – as a reminder.

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Here’s to 2021!