Seco Sessions is in the can, and it’s a night of celebration!

We’ll help raise money for Visionary Heights, a 501(c)3 located on Nicholson Rd in Houston and kickoff a crowdfunding campaign to complete the mastering and distribution of the record.

Limited to 30 seats, this special event will include a Seco Sessions: Private Edition CD for each attendee, a special gift tied to one of the song titles, and we’ll close out the night with a “make merry” meet and greet after the music.

Each person who signs up and backs me on the crowdfunding campaign at the event, will receive an additional commemorative gift.

It’s a night of music and swag!

Non-alcoholic refreshments and appetizers will be served. BYOB for those of use who enjoy an occasional adult beverage.



Seco Sessions: Private Edition includes four songs from the upcoming release, three bonus songs, as well as two bootleg recordings from the place that started it all – Casa de Musica in Arroyo Seco:

  • Texas Honey
  • North of Forty
  • I Left For Texas
  • 22 Hours
  • When It’s Raining
  • No More Words
  • A Few Stones Down (Jam)
  • 22 Hours (II) – the Bootleg
  • When It’s Raining – the Bootleg

Linda “shibes” Schaible will play songs from the upcoming Seco Sessions, as well as some new songs with special guest Kristen Hart to celebrate the release of her debut record.



This record wouldn’t be possible without the kind and unwavering help of the following people.  To them, I owe more than they’ll ever know.  Their entrance into my life reignited a passion and changed the course of what I thought of my songwriting and music.  I’m glad I found them before I fell silent – life’s too short to not believe in yourself. Find those who

Thank you (in no particular order) Eliza, John, Don, Cisco, Susan, Louise, Cliff, Jana and Kristen.  All inspiring. All the kindness I seek to be.

And – a special thank you to my peeps at the 2017 and 2018 Casa de Musica Songwriting Workshops.  You made me feel so welcome my first year, and have been such an encouraging and inspiring group every day.  You’re my tribe!  Thank you for your trust, feedback and creativity. You inspire me to strive for better all year.



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