Seco Sessions: Private Edition

These songs were part of an exclusive pre-release EP available at a fundraiser for Visionary Heights – an organization that supports young artists as well as songwriters and performers in Houston Texas.



When It’s Raining

Story Behind The Song "When It's Raining" started on a rainy, grey day looking out of a window. I had been noodling around on a Nanci Griffith song called "John Phillip Griffith," and decided to...

22 Hours (II)

"22 Hours (II)" began with a slow Saturday and an American Songwriter magazine article. OK - so the article just happened to be an interview with Sturgill Simpson, so my Saturday got a lot less...

North Of Forty

Story Behind The Song "North Of Forty" started after hearing Travis Meadows' Killin' Uncle Buzzy, and then learning more about his story. It always seems like there's plenty of time, then you turn...

A Few Stones Down

Story Behind The Song "A Few Stones Down" was an idea I'd been trying to figure out for a while. I originally heard the phrase on an NPR broadcast.  A man was talking about being just "a few stones...

I Left For Texas

Behind The Song: "I Left For Texas" began in a bar in La Grange Texas after a concert at The Bugle Boy. This wasn't just any bar, it's the kind in Texas that pop up in small towns so the neighbors...

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