Story Behind The Song

“North Of Forty” started after hearing Travis Meadows’ Killin’ Uncle Buzzy, and then learning more about his story.

It always seems like there’s plenty of time, then you turn around and realize you’ve spent about half of it.  And while Travis Meadows has a story of moving from point A to point-somewhere-before-Z, we all have a path.

And, we don’t always get to our destination immediately.  Part of knowing where you want to go is the journey you’re on . . . who do you want to be? How do you want to be remembered? What will you leave behind?

So how do you talk about those kinds of things in a song?

My approach was to link “north of forty” in terms of a point in life, with a point on a map.  I tried to use elements that show up on a map, like railroad tracks and the mile markers we all see in our peripheral vision as we zip by them – sort of like the years of our life.

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