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Why? Because it needs to be simple!

I write songs, teach and perform all while I hold a full time job. My process assumes you don’t have hours every day or multiple days in a row to work on your songwriting. 

I can give you tools and methods to work, dream and live your best songwriting life – whether you want to write a hit for radio or just your living room!



I’m an awarding-winning songwriter who’s been writing, performing and pitching songs for over twenty years. My songs have been recorded and performed by other artists across multiple genres. And I’ve recorded five albums as a solo artist and as part of the Amerigrass duo Amelia Earhart Returns.



I’ve taught workshops at the University of Tennessee, run bar room song camps, and led advanced groups. My super-power? I make complex things simple! Because I believe the best songs “start with something that’s true,” I’ll show you how to write songs that are special for you and still connect with others!


Published Poet

I’ve had the privilege of being published in a book collection of Tennessee poets (a real one, not an e-book!). I’m also the winner of the Bain-Swiggett Poetry Prize for Forms (University of TN).  I take what I’ve learned, dump the jargon and help you easily add poetic devices to your songwriting.

Recognized as one of the web’s Top 25 songwriting sites, you’ll find songwriting tips, music business information and more. For beginning, intermediate and advanced songwriters.


I’ve done keynotes, event presentations, full seminars and workshops for everything from songwriting to small business  marketing.  I LOVE to help people achieve their goals! 

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Step #1 to Making Songwriting Easier?

Free e-Books & Worksheets!

5 Step System For Songwriting Success

This free e-Book will give you the strategies you need to start writing songs today! Combine it with the Song Builder Template and the Songwriting Process Template for a hands-on starter kit!

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Song Builder Template!

This is everything you need to quickly get your song’s story and structure lined up into a clear message. After all, you have a reason for telling the story, or a an intention as a songwriter. Make sure it’s crystal clear.  //PROCESS//

Songwriting Process Infographic!

This easy-to-follow infographic will help you get from the beginning to the end of a song. And the best thing is, I’ve got “Quick Hit” workshops that show you exactly how to implement each part!   //PROCESS//

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You have songs in you! Write your hit song today. And let the world hear it!

Testimonials & Featured partners

I am new to songwriting this year. Love your site so much. So helpful!

G Singer, Member

I loved your presentation! You made everything so simple and easy to follow. I'm excited to start using the ideas for my business.

Aesthetics Company Owner,  Marketing Seminar Attendee

She is a true storyteller and master of the songwriting craft. She uniquely blends thoughtful lyrics and memorable melodies to offer songs that transport us to a new location or time, allow us to reflect on our own lives, or simply make us think. What she has is truly a gift!

Amy Barnett, Songwriter (Texas Music Chart Top 15 song)

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